Republican Party Facts

GOP Facts

Although the youngest of the two major political parties in the United States, the Republican party is nicknamed the “Grand Old Party” and called the “GOP” for short.

Since Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican president, the party is sometimes referred to as the Party of Lincoln but the term GOP is used most often.

Some historical facts about the GOP:

  • 1st Republican convention was held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on February 22, 1856.
  • 1st Republican nominee for president was John C. Fremont.
  • Abraham Lincoln became the 1st Republican president and the 1st president to be assassinated.
  • Andrew Johnson became president after Lincoln was assassinated. He was the 1st president to beimpeached, but was later acquitted by the Senate.
  • Ulysses S. Grant, as president, presided over the first half of reconstruction efforts after the Civil War.
  • 1st African Americans elected to Congress in 1869 were members ofthe Republican party.
  • The party symbol, the elephant, was first brought to life by cartoonist, Thomas Nast, in 1874.
  • James Garfield assassinated in 1881. Succeeded by Vice President Chester A. Arthur.
  • William McKinley presided over the Spanish-American War. Assassinated in 1901. Succeeded by Theodore Roosevelt.
  • Theodore Roosevelt was a conservationist who created the National Park Services.
  • William Howard Taft expanded the Civil Service and helped to modernize the Postal Service.
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower enlarged theSocial Security Program and started the Interstate Highway System.
  • Richard M. Nixon helped establish the Environmental Protection Agency. Resigned from office in 1974 because of the Watergate Scandal.
  • Ronald Reagan started the War on Drugs. Shot during an assassination attempt but made a speedy recovery. Credited with ending the Cold War.
  • George H. W. Bush led United Nations coalition that defeated Iraq in the 1st Gulf War.

The Republican party, second in size to the Democrats, has over 55 million registered voters. Although second in size to the Democratic Party, the Republicans have won more presidential elections than any other party., a simple guide to business, finances, credit, debt, and social security

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Democratic Party Facts

“Democratic Party Facts

The Democratic Party was formed in 1794 by Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and others who felt that the Federalist Party, led by Vice President John Adams and Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, was leading the new nation towards a government that would be run by a few wealthy merchants and land owners.

Other Facts about the Democratic Party:

  • The Democratic Party is currently the largest political party in the United States with roughly over 72 million registered voters.
  • The Democratic Party has historically represented farmers, laborers, labor unions, and religious and ethnic minorities.
  • The Democratic National Committee (DNC) was first set up in 1848 to organize Democratic campaign activities, to support and coordinate Democratic candidates and their campaigns, raise funds, and enact and promote election strategies, as well as overseeing the process of writing the Democratic platform.
  • In presidential elections, the Democratic National Committee supervises the Democratic National Convention. There are state and local committees in most cities, towns, and counties. The chairperson is elected by vote by the members of the Democratic National Committee.
  • The party began supporting welfare spending programs that targeted the poor in the 1930s. The party believes that the government should play a vital role in erasing poverty and social problems that many Americans face.
  • The Blue Dog Democrats, a caucus of fiscal and social conservatives and moderates, forms the part of the party’s conservative Democrats.
  • Most Civil Libertarians support the Democratic Party because of the party’s stance on civil rights and the separation of church and state.
  • Pro-life Democrats are sometimes classified as conservatives based on it’s social conservatism.
  • Centrist Democrats favor the use of military force, are subject to support reducing government welfare. They also support welfare reform and tax cuts.
  • A large portion of the Democratic base are ethnic minorities. The party’s strong stand on affirmative action, welfare for the lower class, unemployment, labor unions, and immigration has led many voters to support Democratic candidates.

Although the Republican party has sent more candidates to the Presidency, the Democratic party has had more luck with Congressional and Senatorial candidates, as well as state and local office holders.”, a simple guide to business, finances, credit, debt, and social security

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Why You Should Worry About Your Fitness.

Some people just workout to lose weight, others just do it too gain muscle. But it’s very clear that not enough people are working out. Obesity rates have skyrocketed in America due to over consumption of foods, poor nutrition, and lack of exercise. At the very least you should at least exercise for 30 minutes a day 5 days a week, many however don’t even do this. This like I said before is the bare minimum.

Without exercise your blood becomes stagnant increasing your cholesterol levels, fat levels, and destroying your bodies insulin response. This leaves your body weak with poor muscularity, poor bone density, and poor flexibility; all of which increase your chances of receiving injury. Without proper aerobic and anaerobic exercise your body’s central nervous system does not produce the proper chemicals in your body to live a healthy life.

Without a proper fitness and nutrition regimen your body will fail to produce enough red and white blood cells for functional living. Your lungs will be incapable of absorbing proper amounts of oxygen from the air. Your body will fail to detoxify itself. Your metabolism will slow. Your VO2 max will remain low. Your testosterone will lower, and you won’t produce proper amounts of dopamine or endorphins to live a happy lifestyle. This will create dependency on drugs to maintain balance between mental and physical health, all will various side effects.

Lack of exercise has shown to:

Increase Chance of Cardiovascular Disease
Increase Chance of Cancer
Increase Chance of Obesity
Increase Chance of Osteoporosis
Increase Chance of Diabetes
Increase Chance of Anxiety
Increase Chance of Depression
Decrease Cognitive Functioning


How Our Public Educational Systems Are Failing Us.

Most everyone in the United States has been to school sometime or another in their life. Many have fond memories, while others have complete disastrous ones. Through out the years though there are some constants that mostly have remained true.

1. The food stinks.

2. Kids are hard to motivate.

3. There are many rules that are hindering intellectual growth.

4. There are many kids and teachers who don’t want to be there.

5. It’s rarely fun.

6. There’s too many students or not enough teachers.

7. There’s always trouble makers.

8. It’s hard to get kids involved.

9. There’s always someone who will slip through the cracks.

10. The way were teaching students is hurting there development.

11. There is not nearly enough funding for schools

School is not supposed to anything like this. And this is just a small list of problems thought up. School is supposed to be safe, fun, and informative. Children should not feel as though they’re being imprisoned.  This causes them to act out, and resent the time they’re spending there. Classrooms and schools should have rules, but should also be more lax. We should have a set of tests to determine where a student is academically, but that shouldn’t be our primary focus. Instead of trying to make kids want to learn and forcing them to sit in classes they hate, we should be motivating them to want to learn, and allowing them to come to class.

When we force children into classrooms we make them hostile, and we make them feel marginalized. With constant learning through book work, we aren’t giving them real world skills or showing them the actual activities involved in the sciences. We are making things dull and boring. While we should have classes that are required for placement in other classes we shouldn’t be forcing anything on these children. If they don’t want to go to class we shouldn’t force them to do so. However we should be rewarding children who go to classes, study, or just help out with the school.

Schools should receive more funds from the State than anything else. Schools should have the best technologies, best food, and provide a safe environment for anyone that needs it. Why can’t schools be run on renewable energy? Why can’t schools have the best available technologies? Why can’t schools grow all there own food? Why can’t students be rewarded for time well spent there?

These are all simple questions with one simple answer “They can”. The way schools are run are not only unfair to the students but unfair to the teachers, our education systems are stagnant, and underdeveloped and only we can change that.


Why You Should Report Gang Activity.

What do you see when you look out at your community? Do you see happy faces, people working together for common interests? Or do you see a community surrounded in violence? People are shot everyday, both criminals, and innocent people. Prostitution, drugs, violence everyday, all for money. People think with a gun they have power and respect, what they really have is fear.

Nobody should have to fear for their life walking on the street. No woman should have to sell their body for food. Nobody should have to watch their family die by someone’s hand. Yet moments like these and worse happen everyday, every minute, every second around the world. It’s not the individuals faults it’s societies, but only the individual can change, and only society can allow them to do so.

People around the world are sick, not just in body but in mind. It’s our job to help cure them, to do so we have to come together as a community and as a society. We can’t allow violent people to walk on the streets, unnoticed. We need to help them understand what they’re doing. This isn’t an easy task, there’s reasons why people become like this.

Children grow up where their hated and misunderstood. Where their not given any chances to succeed in life. They come out of broken families, not understanding they are broken themselves. When your mind is broken you often can have disturbing thoughts and actions. When the only way you know how to survive is through violence, it can be seen in your actions, and thoughts. Many of these people just need a chance, and a change in environment.

Sadly there may be some that are to far gone, lost in a life they never asked for. I think everyone has a light inside of them, just some are to lost too find it.


How to cut down on your ecological footprint.

Your ecological footprint in one way to dermine certain ways you have damaged this Earth. It focuses on how much land one person uses in a year. Currently our population is using up the Earth at a 1.5 times higher rate then the Earth is able to renew it. Studies have shown that by 2050 we will be out of resources, if we do not change now. Every person will be responisble if we don’t, the ensuing damage will be like nothing our generations and maybe not even our previous ones have ever seen. Few may live, and at that point for most it will only get worse.

That’s why we have to be responsible for ourselves, not just for ourselves but for our children as well. Right now we use about 2.2 g or little bit over 5 acres per person. So easily you can grow hemp faster then trees to grow most products.

Yet people can easily also grow there own food. There are not nearly enough local growers around the world. There are tons of things that are easy to grow overtime. 

So hemp from what I heard is one of the best resources for building houses. hemp is more renewable then trees because hemp takes less time to grow. A perfect house would be grown head to toe with renewable energy resources. This would be a difficult tasks for most. you can start off with solar panel chargers, windmills, or hydroelectric farms, and you use that to grow to grow your own food then your growing your own hemp farm and then house and raising your own food. So you would have to estimate how much land that would be of course you’d have to drive an electric car because that’s also destroying the land. See that’s a lot to think about. After that it’s just saving electricity. My opinion on how to do this is start off and grow your own food. If you still have extra money you want to spend then buy start buying solar panels see how much you’d need to spend on that specific amount. After that you can try to make your own products at home such as soap, shampoo, clothes, most of this might just be buying this stuff from somewhere that is given electricity by electric sources.

Of course many of the procedures done at this point would be pretty difficult. Yet there’s even more we’d have to clean up the air cause of the impact it has on it’s quality. This eventually makes it’s way down to the top soil. The many of things we do now we don’t know the impact of. 

Such as fracking, and oil drilling, besides contaminating the oil and water surrounding the areas it makes the area’s more liable to earth quakes, with more earthquakes were more likely to see other phenomenons. We’ve also had many radioactive accidents due to poor control systems, some caused by earthquakes. This same radioactivity pollutes the ground. Really everything around you causes a footprint in one way or another, it’s nearly impossible to stop everything but we just need to do the best we can. That’s by driving an electric car, creating your own electricity, and farming your own food and trying to either make or buy products that are created most suitably for the environment. Unless your going to be paying someone else to do it you’ll need to know a lot of things.

  1. Basic electricity. Your going to want to know basic electricity so you can calculate how much you need and how much you can produce. Knowing basic electricty will also prevent accidents when working with various energy sources. Knowing basic electricty will help you when your installing solar panels, windmills, hydroelectricity, and when working on other electronics.
  2. Basic carpentry. This will allow you to build structures and put together equipment for your housing and farming needs. These skills will also be important when installing renewable energy resource equipment.
  3. Basic horticulture. This will allow you to farm your own food. You will need to know a significant amount about lighting, and about soil nutrients. You can plant pretty much anywhere as long as you change the environment. 



How to get rid of your electric bill.

There’s a couple ways to do this, first were going to discuss conservation if you have a really high bill you need to cut down on electricity use. There’s many ways to do this but a big help is just turning off electrical devices your not using and if you have time unplugging the devices that your not using. Yet if you really want to be free of your electric bill, then you need to make your own electricity with free renewable energy resources. There are three very popular ways to do this, and a variety of alternative ways.

The three most popular ways are:

  1. Solar Panels
  2. Windmills
  3. Hydroelectricity

Many countries are trying to adopt these techniques for producing their own electricity. Such as Munice who aims for 100% renewable energy resources by 2025. The truth is as a planet we can become sustainable incredibly fast probably a few years time, but the world would actually have to come together, and work together to do so. 

Yet right now you have a chance to be a part of it by becoming sustainable yourself, and always trying to be a better person.