Using Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a very powerful social networking and marketing tool. Its a very simple to use yet powerful online site that allows you to connect and post too different social media accounts at the same time. One of their most powerful features is the scheduler which allows you to schedule different posts at different times. This helps to free up time and allow for more natural posting on social networks throughout the day. The site has different tiers of membership the free version isn’t that powerful but the paid version is also only 10 dollars. This is a great white hat tool for SEO, and a good way to build relationships and brand recognition online.

Why I hate the world.

I hate waking up, I wake up knowing that today I will try to help again and probably won’t be able to do anything substantial. I get on facebook watch people talk about either how hard everything is, post some jokes, try to raise the facebook mood, ¬†updates about what people are doing, and of course people talking about legalizing cannabis. Normally i’ll see another case of police brutality on facebook, that no one around me really talks about. Around this time I might see a political cartoon or a article about another law that is stripping away our freedoms, or another corporation that’s trying to take advantage of people.

All these things that I see, I don’t see anyone

Public Education Stuck in a Rut.

Public education has been stuck in a rut for a long time now. We as a society have been limiting are potentials in classrooms by imposing to many conditions upon student and teachers. Are focus is primarily factored on time. Many know that year long schools do better then traditional schools , but many people find it too demanding.

Many people blame this on standardized testing, lack of time,

Public education can be changed we just need to act

We’ve learned that standardized testing

Why everything should be free.

Money they say is the root of all evil; but iv’e also heard of bad people doing bad things. If you think that the wealth is divided up fairly, i’m probably going to assume that your ill informed and dis-disillusioned. Groups of powerful people control how the world works, what you get to know, what products you have to use, what you see on television, the laws that surround you, they have a hand in every aspect of our life’s.

Most of these people are going to tell you that everything can’t be free. That we must have capitalism, well that is a lie. We have been capable of doing so for a long time now . Technology has come a long way, and has even made it immensely easier. What holds us back is not are physical capability to make it happen, but our nations and cultures differences.

Sometimes you just want to sleep.

Sometimes your just really tired. There’s all different types of tired the one from dealing with people, one from working hard for long periods, ones for not getting enough sleep, when your not healthy. I know I need to work on being healthier. I also need to work on my nutrition and my quality of sleep. I really wish I had my of Tempur Pedic mattress that would be awesome! They are are super cool.

I don’t know I think iv’e been smoking, drinking, and dipping too much. I recently quit dipping, but it’s a huge pain in the ass. Yet since quitting i’m starting to get more energy back even though I messed it up by smoking to much cannabis(never again!). Sometimes I just want to sleep cause I hate everything around me and I don’t know what to do about my shitty life. That happens quite often. It even stops me from getting out of bed. That might sound stupid to some but that’s straight up how it works for me sometimes I need to work on that though and just stay too busy to think about those things.



Why isn’t the Government Helping People Get Jobs?

Sometimes it’s really hard to get a job somewhere. That’s why there should be programs that help employ you full time or part time. Someplace where as soon as you go in you can come back out with a job. That way no one has the excuse of not getting a job. I think if everyone started working or going to school, we’d be able to cut down on working hours. Especially when we create robots to replace tasks. I think this is hardest on felons.

It’s hard to do anything with our Government there kinda a pain in the ass and don’t listen. We clearly want Cannabis Legalized and of course that’s not happening. I think Health Care should be taken out of taxes. Speed Traps through out the United States are annoying as all hell. Are police clearly need cameras on them, there’s police violence everywhere it’s a little crazy. We have people starving throw away a lot of food. I think we should take care of more people cause we have the ability to do so. It’s hard though so I understand.

The Government does offer:

Food Stamps, Welfare, Free Lunch, Medicare, and a whole bunch of other things.

Food Stamps.

I haven’t done it, but if you can should since it’s like getting free money, you should however work on doing better with yourself and plan not to rely on that money.