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A charity social network, that is dedicated to bettering the life’s of the world, through The Free World Logoeducation, and social advancement.

Currently with our social network, our users are able to create their own wikis, posts, status updates, groups, forums, classified ads, and business listings.

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Our current goal - get the word out, advance our website, and get our own servers.

The Free World uses a open economic policy, where all finances will be open to the public.

We believe in a world without copyrights where all software, technological, and medical advancements made by The Free World will be Open Source.

Owner - Joshua Stewart

Address - 307 Sandy Ridge Road, Fredericksburg, Va

What We Believe.

  • We believe all people should be treated equally.
  • That poverty is caused by a failing system of corporate economics that unfairly favors the rich, and that the world as a whole has the capacity to feed, shelter, clothe, educate, and care for every single person on the planet.
  • That as a species if we wish to live on we must begin using renewable resources, advance our global infrastructure, and increase funding on public education and health care systems around the world.
  • That we need to break away from traditional economics and government, and move towards a system of absolute democracy, supported through technology, rather then depending on representative democracy funded by lobbyists, and other failing governance’s.

Current Topics

World Hunger

World Hunger

Homeless Children


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