A Good Old Fashioned Love Story.

There’s something about a good old fashioned love story that makes me feel alive and at peace. I think much of it is just knowing out there, there are people falling in love. Not just deep infatuation both true never faulting or failing love. There’s something about it that is so beautiful, and makes life feel worth living, cause I know that somehow just my existence plays a small part in their existence. Moments constantly lost in time, but I know those moments felt were worth everything to them, they were infinite. Iv’e been in love several times, iv’e loved everyone iv’e been with in my own way. Yet there’s something about watching other’s stories that always gets me. It also gives me faith that my story is just beginning. It’s just that simple feeling of knowing that out there there may be that exact someone that makes me feel like how those special few get to feel. There’s always something special to a love story there’s always great pain, but through that pain there love never fails. It’s just one of those things that just helps me find beauty in negative spaces. There’s so many people that iv’e run from, and that have run from me, it makes it hard to imagine what forever would truly be. Yet those type of movies, stories, and events in real life give me faith that I will find it. Everyone iv’e been with could have been perfect it wasn’t them it was me.

Everyone Should Grow Up To Want To Be A Hero.

Most kids when they’re young want jobs that are exciting and beneficial to society. Over the years though children grow up, not always under the best influences. They become completely revolved around making money, and jobs that look “Cool”. So many children now days want to be actors, professional athletes, or musicians.

I think this is because we make these jobs look so lucrative and fun. We have made the jobs most beneficial to society seem dull. and expensive to get into. We break the spirits of kids at young ages we give them less and less hope as the days go by. We make them revolve around money.

While art is one of the gateways to the soul, and the exhilaration of sports, and teamwork can build happiness, many don’t appreciate it for such attributes. People forget to look at the whole picture, and to truly appreciate what their doing. Doing those things are great, but only when your doing them for the right reasons.

We make money seem like everything, that’s what our society has become. Our focus on economics has become dehabilitating to our society. Some of the best paying jobs belong to the banking community who rarely produce anything of substance to society. These brilliant minds are just trying to find a job where they can make as much as possible, instead of finding the job where they can help the most people.

I think what we really need to instill in children is the value of life, and not just their life but the life of others. We should be inspiring them to help others, and not just for others, but for themselves as well. We should make it so that when they help others they feel good about themselves, instead of training them to do things for material rewards.

I think we should be ending this obsession with money. Instead we should be focusing on building and bringing together communities, and trying to get children to be the best that they can be, and the best thing anyone can be is a hero. We should end the focus of being rich, but instead focus on making children, happy, healthy, creative, and caring for others.

There are many great teachers out there today that try their hardest everyday. Yet I think it has become much more difficult today cause many teachers have given up hope. I think this is due to the stresses of our society but these teachers are taking away hope from their students and it becomes quite cyclical.

I think this is most transparent in poor rural areas. When schools are underfunded they are often overpopulated and understaffed. This undervaluation of public education causes stress to both the students and teachers. In this chaos I think we forget to value the time we have with these individuals. The underpaid teachers often forget to value themselves, and when one loses value for themselves, it becomes easy for them to forget the value of others.

We are all born as an empty shell, it is the people around us, and are experiences that fill us. It is what creates our soul, the love, the hate, and all the other emotions that fill us. Filling this void inside of us is one of the purposes of life. Teachers are the ones are supposed to be the ones to guide us to understand what we are filling our life with and how to interpret it. They are the givers of perception they help us see the beauty in the world.

It is not the eyes that see, it is our soul that sees the world. It is not vision that guides us, it’s our mind and soul everything that we’ve allowed into our void. Every time we teach someone something we are showing them how to feel about themselves and others, we are showing them a piece of ourselves. We should be showing others the best of ourselves. Showing them the courage to do what’s right, and to fight for freedom and peace.

We can all be heroes, all you have to do is try.


Why Everyone Should Grow Mushrooms.

Mushrooms in the western world are far from a stable food. In a typical market you may find a small variety of mushroom species. This is sad because there are numerous species of mushrooms throughout the world. Each one of these species holds distinct qualities, with abilities to increase memory, shrink tumors, improve circulation, and so much more. Yet by many they’re rarely consumed.

Mushrooms are filling, hydrating, and massively nutritional. Science is just now making sense of their wondrous abilities, that different cultures around the world have known for millenniums. We are now more capable then ever to grow mushrooms. Never before have we had conditions like this. This is due to our ability to sterilize equipment, substrates, and our atmosphere.

They are not only enormously nutritious they are also easy to grow. Many types of species of mushrooms can also be grown from recycled materials. The start up cost is also minimal and can last for years. The hardest part about growing mushrooms is the learning curve. However there are many of starter kits available for beginners.

While growing and reproducing your own mushrooms, and substrates is the most cost efficient method. Beginner kits may be appropriate for many to get started. Once you have all your equipment to produce sustainable yields of mushrooms, you’ll be paying a fraction of the cost compared to buying them from a third party.

The hardest part that most novices will face is maintaining a sterile environment with the proper atmosphere. Most of this will come with being able to get proper equipment and practice. There are a lot of learning curves when you want to grow multiple varieties of mushrooms. Each type of mushroom grows better in certain temperatures, and substrates.

A great starter species is Oyster mushrooms they’re quick to grow, and can grow on a variety of substrates. They’re known to grow from old newspapers, coffee grounds, and even leafs. They were even developed in Germany as a easy to grow source of nutrition. Another benefit is that the mycelium is very hardy, and resistant to contamination. It’s a perfect mushroom to begin cultivating and practicing mycology.

While many will have a hard time at first, some may click into the hobby very fast. This is especially true for those who have already developed a green thumb. Those that are good at following directions and procedures will also do very well. The main part about getting good at growing mushrooms is following directions and learning as much as you can about mycology before experimenting.

The major reason to grow mushrooms is that they are a healthy food that are easy to grow once you learn the proper way to do so. While many people focus on just normal gardening, they’re missing a major component that can be added to their diet. They are also missing out on an easy to grow food that has multiple benefits to the mind and body.

With the proper equipment much of the production process can be automated. This automation lets you produce food with minimal effort. This helps decrease the cost of food per month for the rest of your life. This food that you grow is all organic, and healthy. While taking the time to learn, and get your first yields may be labor-some it will be worth the effort in time.

In industry the growth of mushrooms can be used to decrease our environmental footprint. They’re are many species of mushrooms that can grow on and consume different forms of human waste. It has been shown that there are different mushrooms that can grow on plastic, oil and other trash. This is extremely beneficial in case of oil spills and was even a hypothetical solution to the BP oil spill although it was never used.

We are currently only scratching the surface of benefits of the growth of the mycology industry. Over the next upcoming decades we will find many new compounds in mushrooms that will be developed into new medicines. These medicines will safe many peoples life’s and prolong many others. This will begin with the increase of production of mushrooms in the world as amatuer mycologists develop into professionals, and trials are commenced in medical, and chemical labs around the world.

Once more amatuer mycologists begin to grow and experiment with their mushrooms, new species and varieties will be made, that will be more versatile and nutritional. Sustainable farming will take leaps and bounds, as mushroom farming begins to develop.With these developments we will be able to feed more people, provide better nutrition to everyone, and decrease environmental problems around the world.


The Addiction of Society.

We’re all addicted, in one way or another. It is something that we live with inside of us. Something that we fight against daily. I myself have many addictions, i’ve both fought and fell to them. Occassionally I feed them, to quell the thirsts of my desires. Yet In time I am always thirsty again. There are many addictions out there, sex, money, power, drugs, love, truly too many to make a comprehensible list. We all seem to lust for something in this life.

Desire is not something to be ashamed of, it is the aim of these desires that contribute to wretchedness. Desire in itself is the drive that builds us up and has us reach for more in life. It is the feeling that tells us to eat, breathe, and move through out life. It’s what brings people together and tears us apart.

In this digital age for some everything seems to be at our finger tips. A virtual reality that entrances and ensnares us. We’ve built compounds to make us feel love and warmth that we’ve dulled ourselves too. It feels as simple as a needle in the arm. These powers can bring one to their knees make them do things that they never thought they would have done before.

Sometimes we fall into these holes of despair that addiction brings us too, where there seems as if there is no escape, and no light to be found. It’s in these places where humans turn into beasts, and other’s into saints. It’s a place of sheer coldness, where the mind feels numb. It’s there where many have to choose the direction that their desire will take them, where they must decide the idols that they worship. Some will look within finding something ethereal within themselves, slowly they will begin to see it in the world around them, light will return.

Others however look outward before ever looking in, finding comfort in the materialism of the world. Always wanting more and never being satisfied. It is this line between looking with in our souls and others, and the materialism of the world that many of us dance between through out our life’s. Some how ever fall only into one side or the other. These extremes build all different types of people from monks to serial killers and many in-between.

However I see many still in the hole, numb from their desires. Sometimes it’s easier not too feel either way this leads to unproductive, lethargic behavior. They normally pretend to be okay but you can hear screams from their souls hoping for more. Many give up in this world due to this, and other various reasons. Some wish to warm their cold hearts will go to anything to do so.

It’s a sad but beautiful world that we live in. This same addiction to desire that consumes and controls us, that can destroy us at a moments notice, is what makes us hold on to the beautiful things in the world, and fight for them. This addiction makes us search out for love, it’s what makes us feel with our whole heart.

Watching a world trying to inject love, snort happiness, and pop numbness, it makes me feel sad that we can’t find what we need with in ourselves. Yet I know how you all feel.

Is Ordering Magic Mushroom Spores Legal?

Ordering magic mushroom spores is legal throughout most the United States except in Idaho, California, Georgia. This is because it is only the psychoactive substance (4-ACO-DMT) that is inside of mushrooms that is illegal. However they are strictly sold for microscopic purposes and growing even the mycelium can bring about a cultivation charge if caught.

While sold for microscopic studies more then likely most sales go to those wishing to cultivate the mushrooms. Growing mushrooms is very easy as long as you follow proper procedure and maintain a very sterile environment. However growing magic mushrooms can result in a prison sentence of 1-20 years in prison depending on the state, and the amount being grown.

However in many states you can find them growing wild, specifically in humid, high temperature areas. They can normally be found growing in cow and horse, dung. Sometimes you can also find them in colder environments growing on wood. Picking these wild mushrooms though can have terrible consequences, there are many mushrooms that look like psychedelic mushrooms that are extremely toxic and can cause everything from extreme nausea to death.

Some of the common states where they are found are Southern California, Florida, and Texas. They can be found in much of the southern United States but previous states mentioned are where they grow more most commonly. They can normally be spotted a few days after rainfall in the spring, summer, and sometimes fall. The evaporation of water off of mycelium encourages the growth of the fruiting bodies.

Hunting for psychedelic mushrooms on private property can be very dangerous. You can be attacked by wild animals. Possibly shot by the property owners. Or arrested for trespassing and possession of magic mushrooms.

Why Ordering Magic Mushroom Spores is Legal?

Whenever I think about the absurdity of the drug war, this legislation always lingers. I find it hilarious though that in almost every state in the U.S. besides Georgia, Idaho, or California you can order the reproductive materials for magic mushrooms legally. Of course on any site that you order them it reads for microscopic study, but don’t kid yourself.

We all know that there ordered to be grown either for personal use or for sale on the black market. I personally believe if some one in sound mind wishes to take these magic mushrooms it should be their choice, but I don’t believe so much in the black market. Many people may wonder why it’s legal to buy the spores and not the mushrooms, while much of this will be speculation i’ll give you one good hypothesis.

The people that run this country don’t want the drug war to end, but want to fuel it. The drug war creates jobs all across the United States and even the World. It is the major reason for the sheer size of police forces in local communities, and provides the finances for multiple multinational drug enforcement agencies. There are many people in government and corporations that make fast sums playing both sides of the drug war.

There are literally dozens of drugs that one can simply order online and grow, or synthesize themselves. However once synthesized or grown you have completed a crime. It could be as simple as growing some poppy seeds from your cabinet. They want you to be tempted into it. Many become drug dealers because of how simple and lucrative it can be. It doesn’t take much to grow pounds of shrooms or ounces of cannabis, or too synthesize grams of dmt.

Most the times if you do something like this as long as you don’t tell anyone, or try to sell it on the black market you’ll be fine. That’s because it’s not that big of a deal to them. Yes the NSA probably knows exactly what you’re doing but they are unlikely to tell your local police department to come get you. It’s normally because your not big enough to pay the bills. A drug dealer can make money fast.

After a drug dealer makes his money the government comes in too take it all and often times more. They will normally strip you of most everything you own, your house, your car, all your savings. All this money goes straight into Uncle Sam’s pockets. Your belongings are normally auctioned off too high level police officers, who normally work together to get everything for cheap. Then the cash is normally split up in the court systems.

With all these people making money why would any of them want that to end. Many people who actually make the drugs are usually financed by a third party to start. This third party is often high level government, or cartel who normally has a few inside men in the local drug enforcement area. At that point the most dangerous part legally is the distribution.