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Never have the people of the world been so far away from freedom.

The Free World was designed with one purpose in mind, to bring about a new freedom to the world, through social awareness. We have allowed the construction of a society that has favored the few over the many. With their power they have managed to constrain our bodies and minds, stifling our advancement as a species. They bet on our life’s for amusement, poison our waters and food, laugh at our pain.

Only together can we stop this madness, only together can we hope to free ourselves from their control.

What must be accomplished:

  1. Provide food, shelter, and health care for every human being.
  2. Redistribute the world’s wealth.
  3. Live harmoniously the world, and all life that occupies it.

We as a society need to find peace and before we can do so we need to find peace within ourselves. We have for too long let anger and fear control all our life’s. It’s time to rely on love rather then anger, and peace rather then war. These negative thoughts and energy that have been cast on us, is taking us down a dark road. We must break free and become positive beings with positive energy, ready for the next adventure the universe has waiting for us.

By letting other people suffer and negative people take advantage of us we are giving in, allowing ourselves to drift farther away from happiness. Life is about moments and we choose who we spend them with and how we live them. And all I know is I want to spend mine with positive people that I love, doing amazing things, and helping as many people as I can.

The Free World is about trying to help other people, it’s about coming together, it’s about hope, peace, and dreaming up a reality that we can all live in together, happy, equal, and loved.

We don’t need money to be happy, we need each other.

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